Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Tuesday is Monday's Ugly Sister!

Birchbox has come out with another limited edition box called Under the Sun!  This box has cute sunglasses, a reusable bag, a necklace, candy and more!  It is my favorite new box since the Mermaid Box...  Use your points and try one of these codes - WELCOMEBACK20, COMEBACK20, MOBILE20, TAKE20OFF for 20% off or BEAUTYMAVEN for %25.  Some codes may be expired or only work till a certain date.  Do not forget to go to the bonus shop and add the Mystery sample pack to your order as well! 

I tried to enroll back in Ipsy in time to get this month's bag when I saw the peeks since I was crazy about it.  But sadly, it enrolled me for next month.  My mom was a total sweetie and gave me her Ipsy bag this month. 

Walgreen's has a collection of Disney makeup and bags that has been coming out for several months.  I have been collecting them - I have Elsa, Ariel, Snow White, Jasmine, and now Belle and the Beast!  They only had lip balms at the time - but there were several others bags I have my eyes on.

I was very happy to get a coupon for a Domino subscription in my Birchbox this month - and beyond thrilled when I saw how much Birchbox saved me!  A year's subscription is $47.99 for four issues and the coupon we got gave us a year for $12.  I probably will not get another year but will gladly give $3 an issue.

Ban.do is another cute little website I frequently peruse to find fun stuff!   They just came out with these really super fun agendas.  I picked the flower one. 

I am still waiting on several boxes this month - Loot Crate, SoSusan Lip Love, and Glossybox.  I am also waiting on a gift from Little Lace Box and orders from Birchbox. 

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