Monday, May 11, 2015

Jamberry Mother's Day Set

What's in 
the box?

Jamberry had a cute little Mother's Day box that I could not resist.  

First look:

There were a few tools with the box - a file, pumice stone, toe wedges, and a nail pic.


Jamberry has a line of nail polish - something I did not realize.  This shade is Ruby.

There were three sets of jams in this box.  These remind me of picket fences. 

This striped set was also included and it is really fun!  I like the colors.  This might be my favorite set.

 This was the final package - with pretty roses.  There are white, red and pink roses.  

There was also a nice big bag of Peppermint Taffy.  These are really yummy and are my son's favorite.

 This was a nice little box of surprises and I am glad I grabbed it up.  This will all go nicely with the little kit of Jamberry nails I bought a few months ago.

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