Monday, May 25, 2015

Loot Crate May 2015

What's in 
the box?

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box for about $20 a month.  It is geek-tastic!  Each month has a theme and this month's was Unite!

Each box comes with a pin for that month's theme.  

Bravest Warriors tales From the Holo John - this is an exclusive for Loot Crate and is bathroom humor comic book. How funny!

Unite The Stupid MAD magazine -  THis is another exclusive and I remember wanting MAD magazine when I was younger.

Rick and Morty 300 piece puzzle -   ($6.98) Another Loot Crate exclusive and we love doing puzzles in our family.  We usually do them in the winter so we will be saving this. 


Avengers Age of Ultron Decal -   We just saw this movie this weekend and it was really good!  I will probably not put this on my car but my husband might.  My daughter recently got a skateboard too so it might end up on that.

Team Fortress 2 Collector's set buttons -   I did not have a clue what these buttons were but my daughter plays online games so she knew all about them.  I think the pink unicorn is the cutest thing ever! 

Marvel Ice Cube Tray -  ($7.99)  This may be my favorite thing in the whole box!  How fun is this?  I can make Marvel super hero ice now!

Green Ranger T-shirt -  Loot Crate has been putting a t-shirt in every box lately and we are loving it!  My daughter's shirt wardrobe comes from this box and Hot Topic so we are always thrilled when it includes a t-shirt.  She was also thrilled it was not black - as a majority of Loot Crate's tees are black.

There were also exclusive Marvel shoelaces in this box but my daughter snatched them before I could get a photo.  
This was great box this month and had a ton of stuff we will use.  It was well worth the $20 we paid for it.  There were so many exclusives, I could not get a value for this box. 

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