Sunday, September 6, 2015

Happie Scrappie August Kit

What's in
the Kit?

When I was looking for a travel notebook to buy, I came across Happie Scrappie.  She sells travel notebooks in her shop, but she also sends a planner kit that is really fantastic.  It has a variety of items and there are three kits to choose from:  Travel Notebook, A5 and Personal.  Since I was working on building up my inserts for my Travel Notebooks, I chose that size.

This kit ships from Malaysia, so I usually get it at the very end of the month.  This month's theme was Makeup = Happiness is the Best Makeup.  The kit is $12.99 a month plus shipping.

Makeup Travel Notebook Insert -  ($8)  This one is so pretty and I will put it in my Paris themed travel notebook.  

 Makeup Journal Cards - ($4)  These are so pretty - and they are double sided. I will laminate most of them to use as cards.  I will also hole punch some of them to put in my personal planners.

Perfume Bottle Stickers - ($3)  These are puffy, perfume stickers in various sizes and colors.  These are perfect for decorating in my Paris travel notebook.

Makeup Bookmark and Dashboard -  These are nice for using as a bookmark in your inserts and you could also make a dashboard for your planner out of them.

Girl Memo Pad - ($2) This little girl memo pad is adorable.  She is perfect!  I love her flower necklace.

Hello Kitty Pen -   ($2.70)  I love the color of the one I received!  I also love getting cute pens so this is a win for me!

Star Memo Flags - ($1) How fun are these? I like to put these in my planner.

Charms and Clips -  There was a shoe charm included in the kit.  It also had two clips.  I know of of them is a bow but not too clear about what the other one is.

Star Washi Tape - ($3)  I really love Washi tape - I did not have this yet either.  It is very cute and I cannot wait to decorate my planners with this.

The kit was just perfect this month and I loved all of the pieces included - the theme was perfect for me - I love makeup!  I will be using most of the items in my Paris travel notebook.


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